Training Program

Each security officer receives a preliminary training period immediately upon being hired in order to survey the officer’s abilities, capabilities, competency and adeptness. We are constantly updating our training program to meet the changing needs within the security field as well as to keep our employees abreast of current governmental laws that may affect their jobs.

Initial Training

All newly hired security officers receive basic instruction with regard to the company’s policies and procedures for maintaining employment with the agency. This consists of a Security Officer’s Manual and a video that each new hire is shown explaining the rules and regulations of the agency. Covered within are call off procedures, absent reporting, hygiene, proper dress code, how to handle payroll problems, apply for vacation time, benefit program, proper use of radios and phone numbers to be utilized for calling the office.

Additionally all employees are given a training course which covers the following topics: Introduction to Security; The Security Professional; Plan for Security; Public Relations; Professional Patrol; Report Writing and Communications; Security and the Law; Fire Protection; Bomb Threats; Health Care/Public Relations; Health Care/Environment Safety; Right to Know Law. This initial training is 8 hours in length. We currently maintain a video training library of over 150 topics for additional training/site specific training.

Harrisburg Area Community College

Upon completing the probationary period of ninety (90) days of service and a recommendation from their supervisor each security guard/officer is given the opportunity of attending the Pennsylvania Security Officer’s Training Academy (ACT 235). To successfully complete this training, all officers are required to undergo a psychological evaluation, a physical examination and complete forty (40) hours of schooling with a minimum passing score of seventy (70) percent. This training consists of classroom studies, all directly related to the security officer’s duties and responsibilities. Additionally each officer is taught the proper use and maintenance of firearms by a certified instructor and must qualify on the shooting range with qualifying score.

Each security guard/officer who successfully completes this course is then eligible for certification by the Pennsylvania State Police as an armed security professional. This would enable you to arm your security staff should the need arise.

When scheduling a new security officers to your facility, he or she would be given their training by the Shift Supervisor, thus learning the responsibility and function of the job at your location.