Benefits Program

At Schaad Detective Agency, Inc., our officers are our most important asset.   We offer competitive wages and a comprehensive benefits package.

The Benefit Program Includes:

All uniforms and equipment are furnished at NO CHARGE TO OUR OFFICERS.

Paid vacations for full time employees are at the rate of one week (40 hours) after one year, and two weeks (80 hours) after five years of service. Part-time officers receive vacation pay or time off on a pro rated basis.

Holiday pay is paid to all officers who work on any of the nine scheduled holidays. This is paid at a rate of one and one-half their hourly rate of pay.

Paid training time is given to all employees when they are scheduled in a new job site. The number of hours depends upon the complexity of that particular job site.

Schaad 401K Retirement Plan is carried for all full time employees and those part time employees who meet the federal yearly hourly requirements for participation in the plan after completing one year of service with the agency. The employee is permitted to defer up to the allowable percentage of his/her wages or the IRS maximum.

The plan allows the employees to roll account balances from qualified plans of a prior employer.

Schaad Profit Sharing Plan all eligible employees included in the profit sharing plan offered by Schaad Detective Agency, Inc. Schaad makes a discretionary profit sharing contribution each year to be divided among the employees.