Recognition Programs

Officer of the Month Award

Schaad Detective Agency has encouraged its employees to excel in areas of performance, appearance, punctuality, lack of absenteeism and overall conduct by a program known as “Officer of the Month”. The aforementioned award is distributed on a monthly basis to men and women who have excelled in these areas.

This award is comprised of a beautiful wooden plaque with a brass plate that has the recipient’s name inscribed upon it. He or she would also receive a bonus check.

This award has been a very strong motivator for encouraging employees to put forth that extra effort it takes to do an outstanding job.

Employee Referrals

Our employees are encouraged to recommend prospective employees to the agency for open job positions. If a person is hired for the position in a full time capacity, the officer who recommended them for the position will receive a bonus check if the newly hired employee remains on the job for a six-month period. If the applicant is hired for a part time position the monetary reward is not given until one year of service is completed.